Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Secret to having the Perfect Hair Bun

Didn't we all fall in love with Carrie Bradshaw's hair at Charlotte's (first) wedding? She had this amazing updo -a so called BUN. 

After that she was sporting that do for quite some time ;) 
Well know we have figured out Ms. Bradshaw's secret- a hair donut! It's an amazing hair tool which is very easy to use! All you need is to tie up your hair (tightly) and a few bobby pins depending on how thick your hair is. The buns come in different colors so if you have light hair choose a doughnut closest to your (natural or man made! ) haircolor. 

The donut is available here for UK readers  for US & international readers and Swedish readers

     Below we have a video tutorial to show you guys how to use the donut to get the perfect hair bun!

Good luck with your hair buns =) 

DY & Roe


  1. Älskar er blog!! Stilrent och bra innehåll, hoppas ni fortsätter lika bra!! /xoxo

  2. So that's how it's done! Love this look, thanks for the info! Very helpful! XO

  3. Great article! mine are always messy haa! i must invest in one of these hairbuns! they remind me of dancing at a young age! hahaa!

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  4. You should definitely invest in one of these You'll never have a bad hair again!


  5. Love this, it looks so chic! x