Saturday, May 12, 2012

Nails ~ French Manicure

They are called Classics for a reason ... 

Taking a break from fun designs and incredible nail art to in bark the classics; French Tip Manicure ! 
A classic look which truly goes along with everything; Everyday chores, daytime, night time; rock concert even a wedding! every now and then we fall back to this style of nails. 

This time we went with acrylic nails instead of gel nails. There is really no huge difference between the two materials it's just a matter of habits. There is no UV light when you do acrylic which is good because the material hardens with chemicals and off course air! Acrylic nails are also less time consuming ;) 

In order to lessen the contrast between the white tips and the nail color a top coat was applied; in this case O.P.I Heart & Tarts

Give this look a try! 


Thursday, May 3, 2012


One flower print is just enough 

It's not everyday you can rock pimped out nails - at least not all ten nails! Sometimes it's enough with one nail.This design is a where nine nails are just coated with a shear pink nail polish and the thumb nail on DY's left hand has a floral design ;) 
This is perfect for everyday errands and  for running about! 
DY & Roe 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Make Up Session w/ favorite M.A.C. eyeshadow


A new favorite shadow by M.A.C. called #Grain. It is by no means a new shadow but we just discovered it! Beautiful creamy color which goes very well with grey and brown shades. We combined it with MakeUpStore's #Kakaow and some dramatic lashes .. Jersey Style! 

DY & Roe 

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Tiffany & Co.

All Time Favorite Accessory 

There are certain things whenever you buy they immediately become a favorite. First, you wear it all the time and thee eventually they are no longer a part of your style. My all time favorite accessory is a silver bracelet from Tiffany & Co. with a heart chain suspension. What is great about this bracelet is it can easily be complimented with other accessories as well. 

This bracelet was bought four years ago and I was looking through my jewelry and found it! It made my day I had totally forgotten about it! It are the small things like these that make my day ... 

 The heart has an beautiful inscription which was the main reason I bought the bracelet in the first place. It so cute and has a clean cut style. The inscriptions say Please return to TIFFANY & Co. New York 925. 

What are some of your all time favorite accessories which you can't live without??
Share them with us!


Saturday, April 28, 2012

NailArt tutorial

Three Colored Design 
We have shared with you guys a few pics of different nail art designs but we have finally decided to do a nail art tutorial! We have decided to do a three colored design 

What you need for this design is the following: 
A nail file 
Three different shades of nail polish 
Base coat polish
Top coat polish 
Glitter powder (color is optional we used green glitter). 

Our shade choices : 
Italian Love Affair by O.P.I , #031 by Depend and #48 Black by Mavala 

Step 1.  Shape your nails with a nail file, remove cuticles, and apply base coat.

Step 2. With a nail polish of your choice, make a diagonal stripe.

Step 3. Make a triangle on the edge of your nail. There should be space between the two shades making room for another shade. 

Step 4. Fill in the gap with another shade of polish. 

Step 5. You have to be quick with the nail polish because in this final step you should take a toothpick and draw lines from the edge of the nail to the middle creating lines that go through all three lines.

 Let the polishes  dry and apply a top coat, while its still wet sprinkle some glitter powder (very little! sprinkle it as far away from your nail as possible so it does not become clumpy). Finally, apply a second coat of top coat and 


Hope you enjoyed this tutorial ! 
Let us know what you think! 

DY & Roe 


Italian Love Affair by O.P.I 
Playing w/ nail polish has always been a favorite leisure activity. I recently bought nail polish by O.P.I Italian Love Affair. It is a beautiful soft pink shade. 

My cravings for leopard printed nails have been keeping me up at night HA! No not really.. but I wanted to do it with a twist. A bottom coat with a pink nuance and black dipped nail tips. The tips ended up with micro stripes =)  

Do you have any more ideas for fun nail art? 
Share them with us! 


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Makeup sessions

This look is a very simple look which can also be used for daytime. It's not that intense where you would feel overexposed during daytime. However, it has enough sparks to wear to night time as well so its a pretty look for any hour of the day ;) 

The products used for this peachy eye makeup look was the following 
all the eyeshadows were from MakeupStore (MUS) 
Eyeshadow dusts: Lounge
Microshadows: Bronze  
Eyeliner: Click-it (by Oriflame) 
Mascara: False Lash Telescopic (by L'Oréal Paris) 

DY & Roe