Saturday, April 28, 2012

NailArt tutorial

Three Colored Design 
We have shared with you guys a few pics of different nail art designs but we have finally decided to do a nail art tutorial! We have decided to do a three colored design 

What you need for this design is the following: 
A nail file 
Three different shades of nail polish 
Base coat polish
Top coat polish 
Glitter powder (color is optional we used green glitter). 

Our shade choices : 
Italian Love Affair by O.P.I , #031 by Depend and #48 Black by Mavala 

Step 1.  Shape your nails with a nail file, remove cuticles, and apply base coat.

Step 2. With a nail polish of your choice, make a diagonal stripe.

Step 3. Make a triangle on the edge of your nail. There should be space between the two shades making room for another shade. 

Step 4. Fill in the gap with another shade of polish. 

Step 5. You have to be quick with the nail polish because in this final step you should take a toothpick and draw lines from the edge of the nail to the middle creating lines that go through all three lines.

 Let the polishes  dry and apply a top coat, while its still wet sprinkle some glitter powder (very little! sprinkle it as far away from your nail as possible so it does not become clumpy). Finally, apply a second coat of top coat and 


Hope you enjoyed this tutorial ! 
Let us know what you think! 

DY & Roe 

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  1. Nail art designs are nice, after seeing this article I got the idea interesting nail designs. Thank you and nice to meet you :)