Saturday, February 25, 2012

Finally the perfect spring lipstick!

We are seeing a lot of brands really going all in with  pink shades of lipstick. Isadora is not the exception! They have come out with their Jelly Kiss lipsticks! Today, I finally got my Isadora nr 54!! 
Isadora's Jelly Kiss nr. 54 is a fun lipstick and very true to its collections name because it's really moist just like jelly! The lipstick is like a lip balm + gloss and the most important it has incredible pigmentation.The color is a bright pink but still a feeling of a frosty rose which is perfect for this late winter and early spring time of the year!  This shade of color is all over the place! Make sure to try it ASAP because you will get hooked!


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  2. Love this lipstick colour! Is is available in the UK? Love the blog too. Now following :)

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    1. Hey MissB!
      thanx for the nice comment! Is it not just to die for!? I looked up if there are any Isadora retailers in the UK and according to there should be but it does not state what company.. and I looked online it was kind of difficult to find anything but you could always try Ebay! they usually have everything =) &