Monday, February 27, 2012

How-to-get-the-look Academy Awards 2012

Tis the season! Award shows are on full gear! We just did a how-to-get-the-look Grammy's edition and now it's time for the best awards show in the entertainment business The Oscars™. It only comes by once a year, as soon as the show is over everyone anticipates next year's show! There were so many beautiful ladies (and gorgeous gentlemen ;)

This year  one caught our extra attention with her stunning dress but most of all her stunning makeup! Off course we are talking about Jennifer Lopez in her AMAZING Zuhair Murad gown! 
Image via Getty Images

From a distance she looked amazing, whenever there was a close-up you could see that she was even more flawless. The choice of color with this gown was just a stroke of genius by who-ever-is-doing-JLO's- makeup!  

As usual, Jennifer Lopez has preferred a more shimmering base makeup. Start off by using good day cream, No 7 Moisture Quench  from Boots is a fragrant free day cream which is absorbed in seconds! A great products which goes to proof that a budget product does not mean low quality ;) A foundation that gives a full coverage and has little shimmer (but just enough to give you the JLO glow!) is Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation from  M.A.C. The foundation in the picture is NC25 which is in the same tone color region as Jennifer Lopez has. If that is not your color M.A.C always have a range colors for everyone, no worries ;) Finish off the base makeup with a shimmering blush with pink pigmentation with an ounce of  bronze color. Mineralize Blush from M.A.C. Warm soul is perfect for this look just make sure that you use a small amount! 

 Jennifer Lopez is a fan of the earthy tones. Brown, beige, gold are colors that she seems to prefer. This time is no exception. Always start by using a good qualtiy eye primer, if there is something that is worthy spending an extra dime on it's this! M.A.C. has a great eye primer Paint Pot. The Paint Pot in the picture is Soft Ochre choose a Paint Pot that is close to your own skin tone.
As we can see in the close-up picture of Jennifer Lopez she has a shimmering light eyeshadow Wet n' Wild has an amazing eyeshadow pallet Vanity which has a shimmering light beige (champagne like color) make sure to apply the eyeshadow on the lid and up towards the eyebrows. In the hollow regions of your eyelids apply Make Up Store eyeshadow Kakaw. Because Kakaw is a dark brown eyeshadow it needs a light brown/gold eyeshadow (Wet n' Wild Vanity Palett) to ease the contours. 
H&M'Chocolate eyeliner pen is a easy to handle pen which lasts longer than you would think! Draw a thin stroke of the brown pencil on the eyelid but also on the lower parts of the eye. You will need a white eyeliner (which Jennifer Lopez loves!) to draw just above the brown eyeliner at the end of the eye and on the under eye.
Choose Eyelashes that are natural look and not too dramatic. Ardell's #125 is perfect for this look. 


Jennifer Lopez has chosen a pale beige/pink lipstick. Make Up Store has a lipstick which is a favorite among many called Baby or M.A.C. equivalent Creme d'Nude goes perfectly with this look!

 Have fun with this look! Glam it up ;)


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