Sunday, April 22, 2012

Have fun w/ your nail polish!

Express your state of mind not only through fashion, express it through all your ten fingertips ;) 

When it comes to nail art there truly are no limits! You can either just go with one color (whatever that maybe) or you could go wild and crazy with leopard printed nails! However, it does take a brave soul to walk around with pimped out nails! People always compliment DY on her nail designs but they never have the courage to do them themselves! 

Nail art does not have to be complicated and they can be straightforward and still but some excitement to your day =) 

This design is very cute and can be worn for everyday errands. The bottom coat is Pink then with a small sponge the tips were dabbed with Orange down to the middle region of the nails. The tips were decorated with a thin glitter strip which was Green glitter powder which stayed on with the help of  a clear nail polish. 

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