Saturday, April 14, 2012

Swedish Spring

The Swedish spring is so unpredictable! 

When people complain about  bad spring weather they usually are talking about the crazy amount of rain- well readers these people have not lived in SWEDEN! Here, the weather is so unpredictable that we are almost mid April and its snowing! 

View from the kitchen - and no its no joke its April in Sweden!
We got our hopes up and changed our wardrobe and nail colors!  As you might remember DY got some gold glitter tips now she feels like it does not go together with the WINTER that we are experiencing so she had to change her nail color to a more winter friendly tone.

Its beautiful but so frustrating that we cannot experience spring with pastels and fun colors! Obviously you could, but its feels out of place to do so when everything is covered with snow! We're going to be positive and embrace these tones on our nails for now =) it aint ugly its faboosh!

Are we crazy or do you feel us when it comes to fashion (and anything to do with color) it is definitely weather influenced?

DY & Roe

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