Friday, March 2, 2012

Hair Trends - Ombre!

Ombre Hair Color

A hair color effect called ombre was introduced by celebrities quite some time ago and is a celebrity and city girl favorite. This trend is still going strong! "Ombre" literally means gradation in French, which refers to the dark-to-light fade of color. Instead of color that starts at the root, darker roots blend into a lightened mid-shaft and end. *

It's a casual look which gives the impression of no effort (but we all know looking effortless takes even more time to achieve!) 

This is definitely a look I (DY) am considering! In the coming weeks there will be a change! Jessica Biel's (right-hand bottom corner) discreet ombre technique is my favorite.
 FYI Roe has never dyed her hair.. never as in never! She has amazing carbon black hair ;) 

Is this a hair trend you would like to take a part of? 
Let us know! 

DY & Roe 

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