Monday, March 5, 2012


Our Contributions to CVS Beauty NailArt competition 

A few days ago we entered CVS twitter NailArt competition, we were unfortunately (for us ha!) not picked as one of the 10 winners. But we like these nailarts so much we wanted to share with you guys! Our two contributions were very different from each other.

First contribution 
It is kind of inspired by the ladies on The Sopranos especially Adriana La Cerva. (loved that show!) 

Second Contribution 
A fun royal blue with silver details design. The nails are a bit shorter than they usually are but so faboosh!  

What did you think about these design? Do you have any fun ideas for nailart? We would love to hear about  them! 

DY & Roe 

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  1. You should make a tutorial of how you made those blue nails! Love it!