Thursday, March 1, 2012

To each her own

We all have our favorite perfumes 
Both of us have very different taste in what scents we prefer. Depending on our mood, season or even what impression we want to make; we prefer certain scents. Our (current) favorite scents are the following 

DY's Choice                           Roe's Choice 

RALPH by Ralph Lauren
Hypnôse Senses by Lancôme

RALPH by Ralph Lauren is a perfume I used a few years back, then I to a break from it but I bought a new bottle a few months ago I am loving it! It has a very fresh floral scent (love it during spring and summer time) which can be used daytime or later in the evening.
                         - DY 

Hypnôse has a unique scent which also is appropriate for day and night. It has been my favorite for a while now. The scent hints some major luxury, it has a very feminine feel to it. Most importantly the scent lasts all day long! 
                         - Roe 

What are your favorite scents? Your all time favorite? Let us know! =) 

DY & Roe 

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  1. My top favorite is Issey Miyaki, beautiful smell! And recently I have fallen in love with the new Miss Dior scent.
    My all time favorite would be either Miracle from Lancome, Euphoria by Calvin Clein or Oscar Violet by Oscar de la renta. =)