Saturday, March 3, 2012

Wavy Hollywood Locks

Get Wavy Hollywood Locks in 20 minutes! 

Start by gathering everything you will need for this gorgeous look! You will need the following curlers (different sizes) foam curlers, metal clips (not necessarily metal bobby pins are just fine!)a quality hairspray and a blow dryer

Thoroughly comb your hair (it should be dry!) Part your hair in the middle, use the line as a guide to use the three (largest) curlers. In other words, three large curlers should form the shape like a Mohawk. The rest of the hair should be rolled with 'medium' sized curlers and foam curlers (if you want bigger waves then use two foam curlers at a time). Spray your hair with hairspray on all curlers! After you have sprayed, blow dry each curler well ; 5-10 seconds (each) afterwards spray once again but not much!. 

         Wait at least ten minutes before letting the hair down. I waited fifteen minutes 


DY & Roe