Sunday, March 4, 2012

How often do you wash your makeup brushes?

Clean Brushes are a must! 
Until self cleaning make up brushes are invented we have to unfortunately clean our own brushes.
How often should you clean your brushes? 
It all depends on how often the brushes are used. If you use a brush every day you should make it your business to clean that brush once a week! You will be surprised how much makeup (and much more) is trapped in makeup brushes that have only been used for one week.

There are quite a few products out there which you are prompted to use but there is no need! All you will need to clean your brushes are two bowls, a liquid soap and of course water. The choice of liquid soap is crucial make sure to use one that is very gentle to the skin ( then it will be gentle to the brushes too). If you want to use shampoo that's fine ;)

Start by filling both bowls with a cup of luke warm water (each) and add half a teaspoon of liquid soap  in one of the bowls.
  Drop the brushes that needs to be cleansed into the bowl with water & liquid soap. Move the brush around in the bowl in order for all the trapped make up in the brush can dissolve in the soapy water.
After one minute (or so) squeeze out all the water in the brushes and drop them into the second bowl (with only water).  Move them around once again. The purpose of this part of the cleansing process is so that the brushes are no longer soaked in soap.
When all soap has been removed from the brushes let them rest on a clean towel over the night so that they can dry out.

 The water in the bowl to the left has just cleansed the brush and bowl to the right is just plain water! 

DY & Roe


  1. This is a really great post. I've got lovely brushes that I needed to wash and I had no idea how. Now I am equipped! :) xxx

  2. Glad to hear we could help! Follow us on bloglovin & hellocotton if you want ;)