Saturday, March 17, 2012

Want to give up on your diet?

Diets can be painful! 

We all have tried diets; some have worked better than others. There are a few things to keep in mind in order not to give up on your diet!

  • Set a realistic goal for yourself! Don't expect to shed all your extra weight in two days; if you do, it will only lead to MAJOR disappointment.
  • Tell a few people about your diet & that you want to loose X amount of pounds If you tell people about your diet than you are more likely to be persistent with your diet because you do not want to disappoint other people or you just want to prove people that you can do it!
  • Get yourself a scale!  This is probably the most important aspect of being on a diet. You want to see results so make sure to get a scale so you can see exactly how much you loose. Weigh yourself every third day or so and hopefully you will see a figure on the scale that makes you content =)
  •  Make lifestyle choices and avoid crash diets. Even though crash diets are great when you have an emergency (like a dress that you need to fit in in two weeks) but for a long term result you need to be on a diet that includes a lot of proteins and fibers.
  •  Crash diet + hectic workout schedule = BIG NO NO. This is something you should avoid! You will ruin your body if you are on a crash diet and workout like a maniac for a long period of time! Don't do it! However, a well rounded diet and exercise is optimal!
  • You have to let yourself cheat once in a while ;)  Being super strict about your diet is great but you have let yourself cheat now and then because we need to feel like we have control over ourselves and having something goooood (and naughty) is OK if it does not happen all the time!

As if you can resist these homemade doughnuts by DY! Take one it's OK ;)

Hopefully these tips will make those tedious diets more bearable ;) 
Let's go  #Beach2012 ! 

DY & Roe  

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